«In Slavery To His Wife: 😳🤯Every time he returns home, the husband of the world’s most jealous woman is made to take a lie detector test!»😨

Debbi thought she had found her true love when she first met Steve in 2011. But many are astonished by her extreme measures to assure his fidelity and her strong jealousy.

In relationships, jealousy may be a strong and devastating emotion. While most individuals find it to be transient, other people develop an intense fixation with it. Due to Debbi’s intense attempts to control her jealousy, she has developed a contentious and closely watched habit whereby she requires her husband, Steve, to take a lie detector test each time he gets home.

When Debbi was still living in Scotland, she met Steve Wood on Facebook through a mutual acquaintance, and the two have been dating since 2011. They went on their first date, which took place in London, after weeks of chatting.

Even though Debbi and Steve don’t always agree, she acknowledged in an interview with ITV’s “This Morning” that she knew Steve was the one because he made her feel comfortable and touched her heart.

But as soon as Debbi’s intense jealousy became apparent, their relationship grew more difficult. Due to her Othello Syndrome diagnosis—a mental illness in which sufferers assume their spouses are disloyal in the absence of proof—Debbi has had to take drastic steps.

Steve has severe activity restrictions despite his illness. Debbi keeps an eye on even his favorite pastimes—watching Formula One and football—to make sure he isn’t getting too close to any other ladies. Sometimes, Debbi’s jealousy even reaches the point where she forbids Steve from ever watching television.

“All women have inner beauty, but for a man, it goes beyond that—lusting after a woman mentally,” she said in elaborating on her viewpoint. imagining a personal dream about them rather than merely appreciating their attractiveness.

Debbi and Steve have managed to manage their relationship despite these obstacles. They both play a lot of video games, which Debbi says has helped her deal with her Othello syndrome. She believes that Debbi’s physical health and self-esteem will improve with time and maybe with surgery. She anticipates a day when she will be able to live life to the fullest with Steve, and their relationship will return to normal.

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