«Never see her with this hairstyle! 😯Jamie Lee Curtis, 65, astounded her admirers with her stunning new appearance!»🤔(Video)

Jamie Lee Curtis changed up her hair recently, straying from her go-to pixie cut. She keeps her signature hue on the set of the highly anticipated picture from the 2000s, in which she co-stars with a well-known redhead actress, with shoulder-length gray hair.

With her longer gray hair, Curtis looked nearly unrecognizable when she stepped out of her “Freaky Friday 2” trailer. She was dressed completely in black for paparazzi pictures, with a warm jacket and high-waisted leggings.

During a chat last year, Curtis stated that she thought the long-overdue movie’s sequel was inevitable. When I was touring the globe with “Halloween Ends,” people were inquiring about the next “Freaky Friday.” “I felt there was a story waiting to be told when I reached out to my Disney friends after I got back,” she said.

Curtis has been vocal about aging and cosmetic surgeries. Everybody is going to perish! When you’re seventy-nine, why act seventeen? She said to Kelly, “When I’m 70, I want to look 70!”
The renowned 65-year-old is still defying expectations placed on her by society regarding aging and is steadfast in her resolve to embrace her inherent beauty without turning to operations meant to counteract the effects of age.





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