🤯Is it really safe? Real Submerged Photographs of the Titanic: What Did Scientists Found From The Mysterious and Tragic Ship? 😳

For the first time, the public gets a close-up glimpse at the famous Titanic ship, which sank more than a century ago. Last year, a team of specialists traveled to the crash site in the North Atlantic and captured three-dimensional images.

These high-resolution images were produced by a combination of sonar and image data. It is emphasized by scientists that this is the first time they have ever taken a picture of something so precise—something that is buried far beneath the ocean’s surface. These images were presented in court in Virginia as part of a case involving the RMS Corporation, the only company with the authority to look into the renowned ship.

Over a million pounds is the estimated value of the 6,000 artifacts that have been recovered from the ocean floor. On the other hand, the expenses related to the search are significantly higher.

The ocean floor where the Titanic sank, 400 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, is very difficult to reach due to strong underwater currents and frequent storms.


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