😯«A teenage girl decided to do the renovation herself and tore up the wallpaper in her bedroom. The outcome is amazing!»😳

Julie Worley, a 14-year-old from the UK, decided one evening that her room needed an urgent makeover and started removing the wallpaper from the walls. Her parents were shocked to see it at first. Their worries were quickly dispelled, though, when they saw that their daughter’s artistic attempt produced a one-of-a-kind and original design.

Julie started her endeavor with just a few paint cans, a spatula, and masking tape. Over two days, she painstakingly transformed the cleaned walls while filming the entire process for her audience.

Julie’s concept materialized as a variety of colored and sized geometric forms with neat, well-defined edges thanks to the use of masking tape. When Julie posted a picture of her creation on the DIY On a Budget Official group, she got a lot of positive feedback for her artistic abilities.

Julie’s mother posted her opinions and the outcome on her Facebook page, expressing her excitement and admiration for the room’s makeover.

In their comments, readers praised Julie’s abilities and said they would be interested in hiring the young designer for their own houses. Some people were just impressed by Julie’s parents’ composed and encouraging response to the initiative.






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