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A reader recently vented their dissatisfaction, asking why it’s assumed that women will mature into short hairstyles. Why follow these antiquated conventions that dictate getting shorter hair as you age? Similar opinions from our instructor perplexed me as well while I was a hairdresser in training. I agree that having long hair that isn’t well maintained can make a woman look older. But why not embrace longer hairstyles, particularly if they’re in decent shape?
As long as it’s healthy and maintained, shoulder-length hair may look good on people of all ages. Thus, while choosing a length, it’s important to take hair quality into account in addition to age.

Hair color is important as well, especially how it contrasts with features and skin tone. A well-balanced contrast may give the skin vitality and a radiant, young appearance.

Body and volume may be added to thin or scanty hair with procedures like bio-curling. There are formulas made especially for porosity or fine hair.
For several reasons, I advise against giving ladies with good hair quick shortcuts.

If you’ve always preferred longer hairstyles, getting used to a shortcut might make you miss your desired length. Generic short styles are popular among mature ladies, which weakens their uniqueness. Longer haircuts radiate refinement, delicacy, and femininity. They give your appearance a refined vulnerability that may catch your partner’s eye.

Longer cuts look great with multi-dimensional coloring, which gives your appearance more depth and appeal.
Effectively, long hairstyles can conceal facial aging indicators. In the end, hair texture and quality—rather than age—should be the primary factors in determining hair length.




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