😳«Iglesias’ mother left her husband for Marquis, and he found a model who is 21 years younger than him to take her place.»😱

While Julio Iglesias has started a new romance with a model who is 21 years his junior, Enrique Iglesias’ mother is rumored to have found love with a marquis.

Enrique recently posted a video of his 73-year-old Filipino mother, who seems incredibly young compared to Julio’s 59-year-old wife.

Commenters opine that Iglesias’ mother stopped aging decades ago due to her allegedly eternal beauty. Some wonder if her young appearance is typical of seventy-something Filipino ladies.

There are concerns about Julio’s partner selection, and some people are shocked by his choice. Many people have expressed appreciation for Iglesias’ mother’s beauty, expressing a wish to achieve her young glow at the age of 73.

Though there are rumors that she will get plastic surgery, everyone is still overwhelmingly in favor of it and praises her ageless beauty.

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On the other hand, remarks on Julio’s advancing years and the alleged banality of his younger spouse are plentiful, emphasizing the passing of time.



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