The world is going crazy!😡Wearing transparent tights, 65-year-old Madonna wished her 93-year-old father a happy birthday.😱😳

Madonna, 65, recently wished her 93-year-old father a happy birthday, despite wearing an outfit that caused some of her admirers to scoff.

The legendary pop singer posed for joyous photos with her aging father while wearing a miniskirt and sheer tights.

Although many of Madonna’s admirers were touched by her decision to wear a particular attire for the occasion, others expressed disapproval.

Madonna gave her father a close embrace for the camera in the social media photos, which showed him looking weak and reliant on a cane.

Many admirers commended Madonna for loving her father and making sure he was well-cared for in his senior years, despite the conflicting reactions to her dress choice.

Fans’ remarks varied from thanks for having alive parents to gentle criticisms of Madonna’s unusual outfit for the event.

Still, most people were in awe of Madonna’s commitment to her father’s care and her recognition of his significant birthday.


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