😲«Van Damme was caught with his Ukrainian lover! She Lives Luxuriously At The Expense Of The Actor!»😳

Although he is officially married to Gladys Portugues, a 66-year-old professional bodybuilder, Hollywood star Jean-Claude Van Damme nevertheless leads a double life.

Van Damme, 63, was recently spotted with his mistress, a 38-year-old Ukrainian. She never would have thought that, as a native of Kryvyi Rih, she would one day fly on a private aircraft and stay in the greatest hotels in France.

Alena Kaverina, 38, adores being treated like royalty and leads an opulent and carefree existence. Friends and family of Kaverina are aware that she receives financial help from the married Hollywood star.

Journalists questioned Kaverina’s mother, who had no complaints about the circumstances. “My Alenka is a goddess in Jean’s eyes.” He spoils her with expensive automobiles and presents. What makes my daughter a cause for concern?

“She is happy with her life,” the Ukrainian woman said. What do you think? Do you share the viewpoint of Alena’s mother?


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