«Blake Lively and her two lovely daughters made an appearance in public, and their resemblance was just amazing!»💗😍

At Taylor Swift’s concert, Blake Lively’s children stole the show, thrilling fans with a rare in-person meeting with their mother.

The girls of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds went to Taylor Swift’s May 29 Eras Tour event in Madrid with their mother. From the VIP area, social media footage showed the family having fun at the event. Fans couldn’t help but note how much the girls looked like their well-known mother.

The trio engaged with each other and exchanged bracelets, clearly fully engrossed in the performance experience. Wearing stunning gold hoop earrings, denim shorts, and a white button-up shirt, Lively maintained a casual yet glamorous style. Her blonde hair was split neatly to the side and delicately fashioned in loose waves with a dash of flare thanks to some stylish clips.

Admirers praised Lively on social media after noticing how very similar she looked to her daughters. Several people said, “They look like their mom.” Adorable! and “I’m sure Blake’s kids are just as kind as she is, and they look just like her!” Some were unable to ignore the similarity to their father; one admirer said, “They look so much like Ryan.”

Lively received praise from the public for putting her girls’ happiness ahead of the attention that comes with going to a highly recognized event like a Taylor Swift performance. With adoration, one fan said, “She seems genuinely kind.” Their decision to take their girls to see Taylor is endearing.

Swift’s habit of mentioning their children’s names in her songs gives fuel to this conjecture. At one point, Reynolds said, “We always wait for Taylor to tell us what the child’s name will be,” in a lighthearted response to the speculations.

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