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This Hollywood star captivated audiences with her performances, possessing a skill that could enthrall millions. Her path to fame began when she was a little girl, having been born in London on February 27, 1932, to American actresses.

 “A Legendary Beauty With Violet Eyes”: Rare Youth Photos Of The Famous Hollywood Star, Elizabeth Taylor!

Actress Elizabeth Taylor, who is well-known for her sophisticated looks and enthralling violet eyes, started her acting career early in life. Jealousy over her developing skills caused her relationship with her father to deteriorate despite her early success.

Elizabeth was well-known for her bold demeanor; in one instance, her piercing response stunned a film executive, demonstrating her fierce personality. Without any official instruction, her natural skill, as well as her astute observation and intelligence, catapulted her to stardom.

Her genius was seen by director Joseph Leo Mankiewicz, who cast her as Cleopatra, a part that won her an Oscar and cemented her reputation as a Hollywood legend. She received two Oscars throughout her distinguished career, one for her performance in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

Elizabeth had eight marriages and a turbulent personal life, despite her success in her career. She acknowledged that she had only ever truly loved two men: Richard Burton, an actor, and producer Michael Todd, with whom she had a passionate but erratic relationship.

Elizabeth faced disease head-on in her latter years, but she overcame it by using her fortitude to support AIDS awareness and philanthropic causes. She was even more empathetic because of her love for animals and her commitment to her children, who followed jobs outside of Hollywood.

Elizabeth Taylor departed this life on March 23, 2011, leaving a glamorous and charitable legacy.

Rabbi Jerome Cutler quips, “She even decided to be late for her own funeral,” illustrating how she maintained her quirky nature even after passing away.


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