Sad News From His Wife! 💔Day by Day The Actor Is Getting Worse and Worse: Demi Moore Presented a Picture of a Dementia-Stricken Bruce Willis!😰

On International Father’s Day, Demi Moore publicly wished her ex-husband Bruce Willis well by posting sentimental family images from their collection. In one photo, Bruce is seated on a sofa with their daughter Scout, who is petting him tenderly on the cheek as he watches. Another picture shows Bruce lying next to their daughter Evelyn while they both pose for the camera while wearing robes.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were married for around 13 years, from 1987 until 2000, and had three kids together. Bruce married model Emma Heming in 2009, who is 23 years his younger, after they divorced in 2000. Mabel Ray and Evelyn Penn, their two daughters, are being raised by them together.

Bruce is not just a loving father to his five kids; last year, he also fully accepted the role of grandfather. Luetta, his oldest daughter, turned one year old in April. Rumor has it that his eldest daughter and her boyfriend, Derek Richard Thomas, welcomed their daughter.




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