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Many would argue that men with long hair, especially those with gray hair and long beards, are not aesthetically pleasing.
This look is often associated with homelessness and economic limitations, making even a simple haircut seem out of reach.
But today’s protagonist challenges this stereotype.

Frank is a 65-year-old middle-income citizen who consciously grooms his tousled mane of hair.
Frank, a theater actor, hasn’t been to the hairdresser for over five years.
Although his well-groomed appearance is essential to his stage persona, he is not homeless or destitute.
His role-playing skills are admirable, especially when playing older characters, and he is praised by his theater company for his honesty and dedication to his art.
Grooming his long, gray, somewhat curly hair and beard is not without difficulties.

Frank’s curls often resemble a loofah, and his beard sometimes causes inconvenience and even gets caught in his zipper.
Unfortunately, his striking looks have interfered with his private life, and even his closest relative, his aunt, is anxious to see him clean-shaven and neatly groomed.
But for Frank, his unconventional appearance is an important part of his identity as an actor.
His career choice was made during his student days, when he first honed his skills on stage.

Although Frank mostly plays small roles as older and/or dirty characters, he remains true to his craft.
Outside of theater, Frank has also appeared in films, landing small roles alongside big-name stars such as Meryl Streep.

However, he was given limited opportunities to showcase his versatility and talent, as he was cast in roles of ethically questionable characters or characters living in poverty.
A turning point came when Frank was invited to appear on The Rachael Ray Show.

A team of experts wanted to change his appearance and boost his self-esteem.
The transformation, which included a fashionable haircut, a trimmed beard, and elegant clothing, made Frank unrecognizable, and he gained new self-confidence.
This change not only changed Frank’s appearance but also had a positive impact on his life.

No longer did he receive disdainful looks from passers-by; he was now respected as a dignified person.
With this newfound confidence, Frank’s career prospects could skyrocket, allowing him to break away from stereotypical roles and explore a wider range of characters on stage and screen.

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