😳«Tom Cruise’s nude photo went viral online, with fans going crazy over his flabby belly!» 😲

The actor follows a strict diet and exercises six times a week as part of his demanding training schedule. He takes great satisfaction in pulling off all of his own stunts in movies, including the riskier ones like rooftop leaps from skyscrapers.

Though Hollywood women are frequently linked to body-shaming, male actors are also subject to criticism for falling short of specific beauty standards. Tom Cruise has received criticism for his body, believing it to be less than ideal for his age, after being seen in a shirtless shot on a Mallorcan beach.

But admirers of the well-known actor weren’t slow to jump to his defense, pointing out that Cruise is still very healthy for his age at 61.

To be sure, his commitment to training and a healthy lifestyle has allowed him to maintain his well-defined abs and impressive physical capabilities. For Cruise, staying physically active has always been important, both for his demanding acting jobs and for his overall health.

He engages in a wide variety of physical activities, such as weightlifting, functional training, hiking, cycling, and other aerobic exercises, in addition to unusual hobbies like caving and kayaking. Cruise maintains a low-calorie diet that is high in lean proteins, fish, eggs, and vegetables and low in carbs, in addition to his intense workout regimen. To retain the nutritional content of his food and to support his busy lifestyle, he feels that eating a balanced diet is essential. He enjoys grilling his meals.

Cruise shows that age is no barrier to keeping a fit and healthy body by pushing his physical limitations and striving to stay in top form despite his advanced age. What do you think of Tom Cruise’s exercise routine? Post your thoughts in the comments section!



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