«Wait for the first wave if you believe these are just routine steps. 😮It’s Not As Simple As It Seems»

Have you ever considered those to be typical cement steps? You’ll know the waves are anything but average once they begin to perform their song!
Although you can jog alongside them with large strides, it isn’t what makes them truly magical.

Discover the world’s most amazing musical instrument—one that is played by the water itself, not by human hands. When it was first shown to the public in 2005, this marvel’s captivating melodies quickly made it a popular tourist destination.
The sea organ, created by Croatian architect Nikola Bašić, was intended to accentuate the beauty of Zadar’s shoreline.

Its lowest steps, which resemble a stairway falling into the sea, let air and water in, which subsequently go to resonance chambers below the surface.

They are then directed up the upper staircase, where they play harmonic music in time with the ebb and flow of the waves.

The calming tones of this original work have brought comfort to Zadar, who was devastated by both World War II and the war that struck in 1991. Its contemplative tunes provide both locals and tourists with a peaceful haven, as they appear to wipe away the city’s previous tragedies.

You may relax on the steps today, take in the last rays of sunlight, and spend quality time with friends while listening to peaceful music.

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