😱Mum Refuses To Respond And Does Not Attend Events In Public: 😳Lopez’s Disobedient Daughter Has Made The Decision To Turn Into “a Son”!

The announcement that Jennifer Lopez’s 16-year-old child has chosen to accept a new identity has caused a stir in American media circles. Emma has requested to be addressed as “they” and has abandoned her feminine wardrobe in favor of looser, more masculine styles.

Jennifer, who is well-known for her remarkable femininity as well as her indisputable brilliance, apparently found it difficult to make this selection.

Lopez, who is well-known for her eye-catching, expensive clothes and exuberant demeanor, has drawn attention from the media for her response to Emma’s transition. “Mom is obviously ashamed of her child,” several people have said. It is apparent.

Some have questioned Jennifer’s partner selection, stating, “Isn’t it possible that she could have selected a more suitable father figure?” Some others pointed out that Emma looked a lot like a young Lopez and said, “Plastic surgery will fix everything.” A variety of public perspectives are reflected in remarks like “Mom doesn’t know where to look” and “It’s just a phase; it will pass.”

Other encouraging comments included the words, “She’ll be fine.” The positive aspects of the conversation are highlighted with statements like “She’ll grow out of it.” “I also wore men’s clothes at her age,” and “But her mom supports and loves her.”




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