«If his parents hadn’t sent him to an orphanage, he would never have gone on to become famous!»😧

Because of his unrelenting drive and hard work, Jackie Chan’s name is well-known around the world. His ascent to stardom is evidence of his tenacity and diligence.
Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong on April 7, 1954, into the family of Charles and Lily Chan. Her early years were difficult due to financial difficulties. His parents gave him warmth and affection in spite of their hardships. But due to unforeseen circumstances, they were compelled to relocate to Australia, leaving little Jackie in the care of a boarding school connected to the Peking Opera House.

His stay at the school was demanding, involving physical training and a variety of creative disciplines that kept him up late and early in the mornings. Jackie lost weight rapidly and used kung fu, jogging, and gymnastics to build a muscular body.

Jackie had many injuries, including a fractured nose from a teacher’s cane, but her skill and will were evident. At the age of eight, he made his stage debut and quickly rose to prominence in the Beijing Opera. Academic disciplines were given less priority than physical activities.

Jackie had to study hard well into adulthood to become fluent in both Mandarin and English.
Following his graduation from Canberra University, Jackie worked in a variety of professions, such as construction and stunt work, while honing his acting abilities.

Looking back on his rise from modest beginnings to global fame, Jackie declares with pride, “Look who I am now!” and credits hard work and dedication for his accomplishment.










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