«😲This girl spent $ 400,000 to become a Barbie!😱What does she look like now after all the plastic surgeries?»

Cosmetic modifications are so widespread in today’s environment that they frequently fall flat.

But one lady has gone so far as to get so obsessed that people call her “Barbie doll.”

Meet Nannette Hammond, a Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, native who is well-known for her thriving and devoted family in addition to her remarkable metamorphoses. Nannette and her husband, who were married at an early age, are happy parents of five children.

Nannette started working toward her goal of looking like a Barbie doll when she was 21 years old.

Her adventure started with a breast augmentation, but she was unable to continue because of financial issues.

Nannette was so driven to achieve her objective that she managed to get a position at a plastic surgery clinic, where she was able to see directly the life-changing potential of cosmetic operations.

Not everyone in the community is as enthusiastic about her as her husband and kids are, despite their unwavering support.

Social limitations resulted from the disapproval of her flamboyant look and clothing by certain neighbors and parents of her children’s friends.

Nannette’s husband is still infatuated with her despite the criticism and social scrutiny, seeing her as the ideal wife and mother to their kids.

Nannette’s tale is proof that everyone has the freedom to live their life as they see fit.

She continues to be proud of her doll-like appearance and has a growing family and an avid fan base on Instagram.

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