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Actress and model Courteney Cox recently wowed her admirers with a unique photograph of her daughter Coco Arquette.
The 19-year-old Coco seldom posts on her mother’s social media platforms and avoids crowds in public.

This time, however, Cox defied convention by sharing photos from their beach vacation, where they cuddled up and looked gorgeous in front of the ocean.

On Mother’s Day, Cox expressed her gratitude to all the moms in her life who had embraced motherhood and taught her invaluable lessons. Those who supported Cox concurred, praising her portrayal of Coco’s mother:

Courteney Cox shares a regret from raising her teen daughter Coco - Good  Morning America

Courteney Cox Admits She Regrets Not Being A Firmer Parent
“Your bond with Coco is fantastic.”
“Coco is lucky to have you as a mother; you’re a wonderful person.”
“The bond between the two of you is unique.”

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