«No one believes that she was 8 months pregnant 😲A girl showed her belly and got a lot of different comments!»🤔

A pregnant woman from Scotland who is in her 32nd week of pregnancy recently posted a picture of her tummy on her social media accounts. Brooke is the mother of a three-year-old kid, in addition to being pregnant for the second time.

Although Brooke was thrilled to learn she was pregnant, she saw that her tummy wasn’t rounding off as it should have. Although the doctors have estimated that she will give birth in February of next year, it is hard to know because of the gradual rounding of her tummy.

Brooke worked as a laboratory analyst for coronavirus testing before becoming pregnant. She said she was thrilled to be pregnant and that it was something she had wanted and planned for.
According to Brooke, her pregnancy has gone well, and no serious health problems have been found during tests.

She does, however, occasionally get back discomfort and nausea.
“It’s quite unexpected that nobody thinks I’m carrying a child because of my gradually rounding abdomen,” Brooke said to her fans.




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