😮”He’s a Man with a Big Heart, Everyone Says”: Meet the surgeon who donated his time to save 37,000 children!😍😍

Reputable Indian pediatric surgeon Subodh Kumar Singh devotes his skills to treating babies with the congenital condition known as “wolf’s mouth.”

In his long career, Dr. Singh has done almost 38,000 surgeries, and he has graciously waived his expenses for the parents of his young patients. Numerous newborns have greatly benefited from his selfless attitude toward medicine, which has given them a shot at a higher standard of living.

 “Everyone Calls Him a Man With a Big Heart”: Here Is The Surgeon Who Saved 37,000 Children And Did It for Free!

Children with cleft lip and palate malformations, which result from abnormalities in development during pregnancy, face several difficulties. In addition to making nursing difficult, these factors put them at risk of mockery from both adults and their peers.

Although plastic surgery procedures provide a remedy to these problems, many families are unable to afford treatment due to the exorbitant expenses. Through his charitable work, Dr. Singh closes this gap by giving young patients access to critical treatment regardless of their ability to pay.

Looking back on his modest origins, Dr. Singh credits his own low-income background with instilling in him empathy and determination. His dedication to helping the underprivileged and making sure every child gets the care they need is strengthened by his history.






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