«Large Library And Super Modern Kitchen: 💓How Does Adele’s Mansion Appear?»

The news of Adele’s divorce from businessman Simon Konecki surfaced in April 2019. The famous singer continues to look after the couple’s baby even after they split up. Adele has spoken candidly about her divorce in several interviews, blaming her wish to go to Los Angeles as one of the reasons behind the breakup.
Adele was able to finally realize her ambition of owning real estate in Los Angeles after the separation. She bought two homes, one of which was just shown to the media.

The gorgeous two-story home’s interior is decorated in muted hues, with naked wallpaper in almost every room. Multiple bedrooms are located on the first level, which is accessible from the entry hall.

The ground-floor kitchen is Adele’s favorite place in the house. The kitchen, with its abundance of natural light and white color scheme, radiates warmth and space. Adele likes to spend a lot of time here, having meals in the private dining room with her son Angelo.

The distinctive living room, which is next to the kitchen, is in keeping with the house’s general interior design, except for one eye-catching element: a red sofa. Adele has a special attachment to this piece of furniture, but she hasn’t explained why to Vogue reporters.

Adele is rather proud of the external area of her house, especially the opulent English-style garden. She enjoys spending lengthy hours in this calm environment with her kids.

Above all, Adele cherishes the sense of inner peace she has had since relocating with her son into this charming two-story home.

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