«I am unable to control my tears. You’ve Grown Up Too Fast:😍 Jessica Alba said, showcasing her 16-year-old daughter!»😮

The actress and Cash Warren, who recently celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary, are currently enjoying the birth of their first child. The “Sin City” actress shared some priceless memories from their family book with her kid.

“I cry as I speak to my 16-year-old daughter because I consider being your mother to be the most valuable role in the world.” I have been inspired by your compassionate but perceptive attitude from the outset. You have an unparalleled capacity to discern dishonesty. Jessica said of her daughter, “You speak up for what’s right because it comes naturally to you; you’re thoughtful, kind, and radiate warmth to everyone around you.”

The actress confessed that their daughter has helped her and her partner evolve as a couple. Her experience parenting Honor Alba taught her the skill of parenthood. Jessica ended her touching letter with, “You’ve grown up too quickly, but I couldn’t be prouder of the person you’ve become.”

Blessed are Jessica and Cash Warren, who have three kids. This summer, their second daughter, Haven, will turn thirteen. Their son, Hayes, is six years old.



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