It’s even a shame to look at these photos! 🫣🤭😲Is she fifty-one years old? Along with her spouse and kids, Heidi Klum celebrated her birthday in a provocative outfit.🤔

On June 1st, the well-known German supermodel Heidi Klum celebrated her 51st birthday with her close friends and family. Klum celebrated the milestone with a vivacious pool party, attended by her husband, Tom Kaulitz, and her four children from prior marriages, Leni, Henry, Johan, and Lou. Taking to Instagram to provide peeks at the festivities, one picture shows the whole family seated around a table covered with pink balloons.

Klum thanked everyone and wrote a brief but sincere comment for the photo, saying, “Everything I could dream of.”

Furthermore, Heidi shared personal photos of herself and her 16-year-old son, Tom Kaulitz, with her fans.

Together, the pair enjoyed preparing dinners and relaxing by the pool.
Klum even used the opportunity to show off her amazing body by soaking in the sun without a top.

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