🤯«New photos of Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez met criticism when she appeared sans makeup.»😡

It’s commonly known that Jennifer Lopez’s immaculate look resists aging. She outperforms even younger actresses at 51, which makes her haters jealous and leads them to constantly accuse her of using Botox.

J. Lo decided to face the rumors head-on in response, openly acknowledging that she had sought advice from plastic doctors regarding beauty injections. To demonstrate the effectiveness of her own brand’s hydrating mask, the pop diva recently posted a makeup-free video.

Jennifer Lopez shuts down Instagram troll over Botox comments
Fans were divided over the video; while some praised her gorgeous look, others criticized her for supposedly depending too much on cosmetic procedures.Jennifer revealed that compassion and happiness are the key components of her core beauty secret, and she encouraged her detractors to personally see the excellence of her brand’s cosmetics.

I Haven't Ever Had Botox to This Day,” Jennifer Lopez Reveals the Secret to  Her Youthful Skin / Bright Side

She underlined that disparaging other people simply makes one look less beautiful and urged compassion in its place.The singer also said that she often sees a skincare specialist, highlighting her investment in placenta masks, which she describes as a non-invasive substitute for plastic surgery.

The pop singer received a lot of support from her fan base for her position. What are your opinions on this? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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