«What a Fantastic Makeover:😳 A Skilled Kenyan Photographer Made a Homeless Couple Become Models!»😍(Video)

“What a Fantastic Makeover”: A Skilled Kenyan Photographer Made a Homeless Couple Become Models!
A homeless couple from Nairobi was the subject of a touching picture shoot directed by renowned Kenyan photographer Muchiri Frames, who wanted to highlight the simplicity and universality of love in all its manifestations.

The photographer changed the couple’s look through his lens, bringing to light the strength and beauty that lay underlying their circumstances. Muchiri Frames was inspired by her interaction with Sammy, a homeless guy, as she was strolling through one of Nairobi’s parks.

Sammy told his lover about his experiences living on the streets and how their relationship developed from a fortuitous meeting into a passionate love tale.

Motivated by the conviction that love can change the world, Muchiri Frames jumped at the chance to spend Valentine’s Day with the couple, documenting their sincere bond in breathtaking pictures.

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