«How 52-year-old Virginia and 62-year-old Wolf from the movie The 10th Kingdom seem now»😱

The beloved adventure series “The 10th Kingdom” debuted 25 years ago, which is amazing to consider. It’s possible that a lot of viewers of this legendary program are interested in the present appearances of its principal characters.

Recently, Scott Cohen turned 62 years old. The actor posts pictures of his wife on social media regularly.

It’s interesting to note that a lot of Scott’s fans were shocked to learn that the actor who played the Wolf is married to a regular housewife and avoids the glitz and glamor of film premieres.

In the meantime, 52-year-old Kimberly Williams gets wed to country music performer Brad Paisley.

Fans of Kimberly claim that she has aged gracefully and looks very similar to how she did 25 years ago.

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