«When Hands Are Dexterous and Imagination Is Bright:😲 A Girl Repurposed an Old Armchair at Home and Made It Totally New!»👏

When Maria came to find an old armchair one day, she saw past its tatty exterior. Seeing that it might be transformed into a chic and useful interior space, Maria took on a makeover project even though she was not skilled in crafts or repairs.

As with any remodeling project, Maria started by taking the chair apart. She measured the amount of fabric needed and found that two meters and forty centimeters would do, choosing upholstery first in an olive tone and then adding a vivid purple for flair.

Maria also carefully applied a special oil and wax to the chair’s legs, restoring their longevity and beauty.

In the end, Maria was able to give the worn-out recliner new life and make it a visually arresting focal point for any space.




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