The man devised a novel renovation strategy: 🤔instead of using tiles to lay out the shower floor, he used stones!

Sea stone may add a distinctive touch to your bathroom’s shower area if you’re looking for an innovative design option.

In order to make room for all the pipes, a groove is first made in the wall using a perforator. Plaster is used to fill the groove once the pipes are installed. After that, the walls are covered with beige tiles, which immediately brighten and give the room a larger appearance.

After that, imitation stone is used to make the shower tray. The borders are then spread out and glued with a moisture-resistant adhesive.

Natural stone is used for the shower base; it has been meticulously polished and sized prior.

Even if it takes a long time and a lot of work, the outcome will be satisfactory.

The natural stone pebbles are then placed at the bottom of the shower tray to provide your feet with a foot massage and a comfortable place to stand.

Those who enjoy nautical motifs will especially like this unorthodox approach to shower decor.



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