“Looks Like a Young Girl”: 😮This 63-Year-Old Woman Astounds Everyone With Her Young Look!

Sheila Kiss, 63, is becoming rather popular on Instagram and gaining a lot of admirers because of her commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle. The distinctive facets of her approach to beauty and wellness are disclosed on Lemurov.net.

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This former model, who only stopped walking the catwalk three years ago, is still in great demand because of her amazing body and young look, even for her age. With a body that would impress ladies half her age, Mrs. Kiss stands out as one of the few influencers of her generation to proudly wear a bikini.

The Englishwoman credits her dedication to exercise for her amazing figure. Sheila has been exercising religiously for more than thirty years. She spends around two hours a day at the gym, where she does weightlifting exercises. Even though she enjoys working out so much, she gives herself a weekly vacation from the grind.

62-летняя женщина со спортивной фигурой, которую зовут на свидание студенты  и восхищаются девушки рассказала о своих секретах | Стильная женщина 50+ |  Дзен
Apart from working out, she was a devoted student of bikram yoga for more than ten years before moving to Bali and engaging in heated room sessions. Motivated by her ambition to get back into her pre-pregnancy shape, she started her fitness adventure after giving birth to her second child. Sheila makes it clear that she avoids rigorous diets and instead opts to eat mindfully to prevent overindulgence rather than counting calories.

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She is adamant that aiming for athletic body tone and fitness is more visually pleasing than just being slim.
Sheila Kiss’s Instagram page is full of images that people like, and many admiring men of all ages have expressed their appreciation for her. Although she doesn’t hesitate to remove accounts that are too exuberant, she accepts praise with grace.

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It’s important to note that the former model firmly refuses to have cosmetic surgery done and leads a happy life. She skillfully illustrates by her own example that a woman’s beauty is determined more by her life choices and self-perception than by her age.




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