What Does the Girl Look Like After 20 Facial Surgeries to Remove a Birthmark? “She Had a Large Birthmark On Her Face.”😳

Danielle Lipple, a 28-year-old woman, has shared her story of battling a vascular malformation—a birthmark—on her face for her entire life. Danielle has had roughly 20 laser procedures to remove the imperfection since she was just 1 year old.

Despite her parents’ efforts to help her embrace who she was, she needed treatment because of the birthmark’s propensity to bleed. Even though Danielle believes that her birthmark is an integral part of who she is, she acknowledges that she occasionally feels depressed, particularly when others ask her why she decided to have treatment.

She was lucky not to experience bullying when she was younger, but she did have to put up with inquisitive looks and many explanations from her parents.

She experienced a combination of stinging, freezing, and heat sensations during her initial laser surgery sessions, which were made possible by her understanding parents.Sclerotherapy and cosmetic surgery were among the procedures performed later to try to shrink the enlarging lower lip that resulted from an overabundance of blood flow.

Despite the difficulties, Danielle gradually gained self-assurance and finally met Zach, her loving husband, while attending college.

She underwent laser therapy five years ago to avoid any possible consequences. Through her journey, Danielle intends to promote awareness and candid conversation about her birthmark on TikTok.

In the end, she refuses to consider herself a victim and accepts her birthmark as a characteristic of who she is.



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