🙄«Such a Unique Wedding: When the couple entered the hall, the guests froze with excitement!»😳  

The workers at the registrar’s office were emotionally touched by the spectacular wedding that took place in Tyumen. The guests were silent as the young couple entered the ceremony hall, waiting anxiously for the time to arrive.

The environment was so calm that as little as a whisper could be heard. The groom describes the long-lasting love between Mikhail and Lyudmila. Mikhail said, “I was drawn to Lyudmila from the beginning, but she was involved with someone else.”

Twelve years later, Lyudmila and I reconnected, and she was now single. We could both see that we were dependent on each other.

Social media fans showered the pair with blessings and well wishes, hoping for their happiness, wealth, and health. The internet community responded with love and support to the touching news of their nuptials.

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