Why Did Celentano’s Daughter Speak “Harshly” About Her Parents? 🤔”They Are Narcissistic Egoists Who Should Not Have Had Children”😳

In the world of celebrity, where long-lasting partnerships are uncommon, Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori have celebrated an amazing 60 years of marriage. They are 80 years apart, yet their love is still as strong as it was the day they met. Celentano is 86 years old. Celentano loves Mori with the same fervor he had when they first started dating, and he never fails to show her how much he cares.

There are three kids in the couple’s family. Their son has followed a profession similar to his father’s, while their eldest daughter is currently a presenter. The actors’ youngest daughter, on the other hand, is still mostly unknown to the general public and seldom makes news in the tabloids.

Rosalinda occasionally ruins her parents’ impeccable reputation. In a recent interview, for example, the daughter of the famous couple bemoaned the idea that she was not given enough love and care by her parents.

Rosalind summarized her remarks, labeling the pair as narcissistic, by saying, “They should never have had children in the first place.” Rosalind looks just as amazing as her outrageous comments.

The youngest daughter of Celentano lived in a homeless shelter for a few years after shaving her head. Rosalinda got into this predicament when she turned eighteen and moved out of her parent’s house on her own without any help.
Rosalinda rocked the network not so long ago when she claimed to have had an affair with Monica Bellucci.

The Italian movie actress even had a song devoted to her.

Despite his daughter Rosalinda’s pranks, Adriano Celentano says he will always adore her.

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