😧«Julia Roberts received a lot of backlash online after one particular photo went viral, showing her in an awful and unrecognizable light!» 😓  

The well-liked Hollywood actress Julia Roberts made a noteworthy choice to sign up for Instagram in 2018. Her kids’ support, who felt it would be interesting for her to interact on the site, served as some of her inspiration.

Actor John Travolta was inspired to use social media more by his daughter, much like Julia. Julia, who admired Sarah Jessica Parker’s strategy for meaningful online relationships, sought to strike a careful balance between accessibility and privacy while embracing this new digital terrain.

Julia chose to use social media sparingly to exercise care. She limited who could comment on her postings to the people she followed, which at the time was about eighteen people.
But soon enough, the negative aspects of social media emerged. After an unguarded picture of Julia with her niece Emma Roberts was shared online, Julia received negative feedback.

Even though the picture showed real happiness, Julia was left feeling vulnerable and hurt by the mocking remarks made about how she looked.

Thinking back on the event, Julia realized the negative effects that negativity may have, especially on those who are younger. She saw how damaging social media can be, but she also took comfort in the words that other users had left for her, standing up for her in the face of widespread criticism.

Warm responses greeted Julia’s first Instagram post, which was just a simple greeting. However, the incident with her niece highlighted the intense scrutiny that prominent personalities endure about how they appear to the public.

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