😳Natalie Portman Was Spoken In a “Naked” Dress One Month After Her Divorce, “To Spite the Ex”!  🔥

A well-known Hollywood actor of Israeli descent delivered a powerful remark on the loss her ex-husband experienced as a result of his extramarital affair. In a recent picture session, Natalie looked incredibly sexy, only a month after she and French choreographer Benjamin Milpierre, 46, called it quits.
Portman, who was wearing a transparent black lace Dior bodysuit and underwear for the photo session, looked confident and heartbreak-free. The mother-of-two accentuated her slender frame by wearing her brown hair in opulent waves and accentuated her flawless skin with a striking red lip color. She looked welcoming, kissed him in the air, and showed off a large ring on her right hand.

This striking image appeared on the cover of an Italian glossy magazine. Portman stressed the value of looking forward rather than backward in an interview with L’Officiel.

The Oscar winner said, “I tend to focus on the future, not dwelling on what’s behind, though certain themes, like the roles we assume with others versus our true selves, have recurred for me, especially the roles women are expected to play in different spheres of their lives,” in response to the question of how often she thinks back on her past. The Black Swan actress said that she was drawn to stories that focused on women’s quest for autonomy and self-awareness.

Following a 12-year marriage, Portman formalized her divorce in France in March. Aleph, 12, and Amalia, 7, are the two children of the ex-couple. They spent a number of years living in Benjamin’s native country. Following French media reports about Benjamin’s relationship with 25-year-old environmental activist Camille Etienne, Portman filed for divorce in July.

According to the Daily Mail, Milpierre admitted to the affair, admitted his serious mistake, and stated his sincere desire to ask Portman for forgiveness and save their family. At first, Portman considered pardoning her cheating husband, but she soon came to the conclusion that she couldn’t trust him or take the hit for it. Natalie’s close friend disclosed that the breakup of her marriage was really difficult, but she managed to get through it with the help of her friends.












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