“They Were Known As The World’s Most Beautiful Twins”: What Has Changed With Them In The Past Seven Years? 😲Do They Still Have the Same Beauty as Before?🤔

On July 7, 2010, Ava Marie and Leah Rose were born in California to pleased parents Kevin and Jaka Clements. In 2017, a family friend advised the twins to start an internet blog, which marked the beginning of their rise to stardom. Tens of thousands of people subscribed to the account shortly after their mother posted the initial pictures, and the sisters were soon dubbed the most beautiful twins in the world by the media.


Ava Marie and Leah Rose have developed even more as they’ve gotten older, going from being cute kids to gorgeous young ladies. With an astounding 2 million social media followers, they are still a captivating sight for audiences as models.

It’s amazing to think that the girls’ fame contributed significantly to their father’s survival. Following Kevin’s cancer diagnosis in 2019, the twins used their internet following to collect money and locate a bone marrow donor for him.

Even though Chase, their elder brother, occasionally models, his notoriety isn’t quite as great as that of their sisters’. Jaka Clements is unaffected by the odd critiques from internet critics who accuse their parents of exploitation and having unrealistic expectations.

She responds to criticism by highlighting the girls’ happiness and wellbeing and telling those who criticize them that they are enjoying their childhood and have many of friends.





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