«The Son Is a Copy of His Dad, the Daughter Is an Unearthly Beauty: 😍What Would the Heirs of Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actress, Julia Roberts, Look Like?»😲

Her first marriage, to country music musician Lyle Lovett, lasted only two years before ending in divorce. In an opulent ceremony, she was married to cinematographer Daniel Moder, her second husband, whom she had met on the production of “The Mexican.”

There were rumors that Roberts paid a sizeable cash settlement to expedite Moder’s quick divorce from his first wife.

Finn Walter and Hazel Patricia, the twins, were welcomed by Roberts and Moder in 2004. Three years later, their younger brother, Henry Daniel, was born. Roberts valued being a mother above all else, even with her successful job. She would sometimes withdraw from the spotlight to spend more time with her family.

Roberts, who is renowned for her ageless beauty, has been named the most beautiful woman by “People” magazine several times. The most recent nomination came just before Roberts turned 50.

She prefers to keep her kids out of the spotlight in order to protect them from her notoriety.

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