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Famous for her parts in critically acclaimed television shows like “You Are My Life” and “Wild Angel,” as well as motion pictures like “In the Rhythm of Tango” and “Underground Childhood,” Natalia Oreiro has always had a particular place in the hearts of fans everywhere. Her fame peaked in the early 2000s when her series began to air internationally. Oreiro will turn 47 on May 19, 2024, yet her notoriety doesn’t seem to be declining.

Fans have always been fascinated by Natalia Oreiro’s personal life, particularly in light of reports that she had an affair with her “Wild Angel” co-star Facundo Arano, who played Ivo. It was eventually discovered, though, that Natalia and Facundo were only close friends.

She originally became well-known for her relationship with Pablo Echarri, whom she met in 1994 while filming “Unruly Heart.” Even though they were together for five years, their relationship ended. Oreiro fell in love once more in 2001, this time with Divididos rock guitarist Ricardo Mollo. A year later, the pair married in Brazil.

Their son, Merlin Atahualpa, was born on January 26, 2012, and the name is a tribute to the magician from the King Arthur legends. At an early age, Merlin made waves in public when he and his mother appeared in a UNICEF breastfeeding promotion. He quickly went on tour with Natalia, winning the love of followers everywhere.

Even with his early celebrity status, Merlin avoids the spotlight and doesn’t use social media. Still, tidbits of him appear on fan pages honoring Natalia, demonstrating his development and charming personality. Merlin’s passion for music has been encouraged by Natalia and Ricardo, who have also given him instruments and developed his abilities. They have supported his complete growth, nurturing his love of sketching, carpentry with his father, and playing the guitar.

Surprisingly, Natalia values her son’s independence, letting him make important choices, such as deciding to go by Atahualpa after turning five. His mother, who was quite supportive, accepted this decision completely.

In a bizarre turn of events, the famous scion chooses to live a private life free from the spotlight by purposefully avoiding public view.

Nonetheless, his influence is still felt by admirers, which is a credit to his extraordinary mother’s lasting legacy.

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