How tragic! The loss is being mourned across the nation. 💔You will cry when you realize who it is, so that they may also be happy.😢

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Two little children were killed when the house in the tiny Missouri town of Defiance blew up.

They were at home as their school had canceled classes due to the severe weather. Early on Friday morning, Julian Keiser, age four, and Jamison Keiser, age six, died before they could be saved or flee their blazing house at Highway 94, just outside of St. Louis. According to authorities and a GoFundMe page, their mother, Evelyn Turpiano, and grandparents, Jennifer and Vern Ham, were able to escape and go to safety.Sharon Oberlag, a neighbor, told the news site that “they were the nicest little boys.” “They were so cute, and they thought school was the coolest thing ever.”

Jaiden, who had just begun kindergarten, and Julian were at home when the bomb went off because their school had canceled classes to shield the kids from the cold, she said. When firefighters arrived, the home was already on fire, so they were unable to get to the victims in time.Dan Casey, the chief of the New Melle Fire Protection District, said that the smoke eaters broke through a window while looking for the boys.

The news source stated that Turpiano, the boys’ mother, operated the bar and restaurant known as the Defiance Roadhouse, which was in close proximity to the residence. Dan Tripp, a co-owner of Good News Brewing in Defiance, told the Post-Dispatch that Jennifer Ham, Turpiano’s mother, had also run the business for a number of years.

Tripp started a GoFundMe page for the family, and as of Monday morning, it had received almost $145,000 in donations. He stated that the two women are members of the Defiance Merchants Association, which is a support group for the local wine business.

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