«They Were Grasping Tightly:😲 Robert De Niro and His Young Girl Friend Made An Appearance During A White House Dinner!»❤

Celebrated artist Robert De Niro made a stunning debut at a renowned state dinner at the White House in Washington, D.C., accompanied by his companion Tiffany Chen. Among the esteemed attendees, the pair radiated refinement and grace.

Choosing a sophisticated yet traditional look, De Niro wore a sharp black suit with a matching tie and polished patent shoes to complete the look. Tiffany, in the in the meantime, radiated elegance in a gorgeous white dress that accentuated her slim frame with its flowing floor-length skirt and bare shoulders. Black suede stiletto heels, a beautiful matching clutch purse, and a light cream cardigan with a striking black border completed her ensemble.

Tiffany accented her outfit with hula-hoop earrings, which added a sophisticated touch to her tasteful updo and understated makeup. Ever the devoted spouse, De Niro clutched Tiffany’s hand tenderly as they moved around the venue, exuding happiness and pleasure. The Taijiquan master and Hollywood icon first met in 2015 while Tiffany was working as a martial arts instructor on the set of the movie “The Intern.” De Niro found happiness again with Tiffany after divorcing Grace Hightower in November of 2018, and the two of them welcomed their daughter Gia Virginia Chen De Niro in April of the following year.

After Gia joined De Niro’s mixed family, which already included adopted children from past relationships, Drena, Raphael, Julian, Aaron, Elliot, and Helen, Gia became his seventh child. When talking about his connection with Tiffany, De Niro emphasized the joy their daughter brings into their lives and conveyed his satisfaction and sense of purpose with her coming. De Niro remarked on how much he and Gia looked alike and expressed his happiness to watch his kids provide the infant daughter with so much affection. He was amused to learn that Gia’s son Raphael’s adolescent grandkids now consider her an aunt, underscoring the happiness he feels when his family gets together.




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