😱«People on the street are shocked to see a real copy of Lady Di. Who is this girl, and what does she look like?»😲

Diana, Princess of Wales, is still adored, even after her untimely death in 1997. Fashion aficionados throughout the world are still inspired by her classic style, but one young lady has elevated this devotion to a whole new level. Now meet Rose van Rijn, a Dutch social media celebrity who has gone viral due to her striking likeness to Lady Di.

Rose, who was born in 2001, first became fascinated with fashion when she was a teenager, especially with the classic looks of the 1970s. Her first attempt at becoming famous on the internet was to mimic the appearance of Olivia Newton-John, the beloved character from the beloved movie “Grease.” But Rose came to the attention of the internet in 2021.

Rose used an antique hair dryer brush to style her hair, and the video became popular on TikTok not just because of the gadget but also because of Rose’s amazing ability to exactly mimic Princess Diana’s characteristic hairdo.

Rose shot to internet popularity with her unexpected gift and her unmistakable likeness to the late Princess. Her latest metamorphosis in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee enhanced her notoriety on social media.

Rose sparked a flurry among bystanders as she strolled through Amsterdam dressed as Lady Di; many thought she was the princess herself. Her metamorphosis is so profound that it begs the issue of what type of response she could get in London, the capital of the British monarchy.

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