«Funny Improvisation by Tim Conway on “The Carol Burnett Show”»😮(Video)

Watching “The Carol Burnett Show” will tell you that it always makes people grin and laugh. And in this specific clip, Tim Conway’s excellent improvisation had his co-stars laughing uncontrollably. In one of the scenes, Conway’s character Mickey Hart chose to share a funny story about an elephant that lived in a circus while they were playing the game “Password.” Vicki Lawrence, Dick Van Dyke, and Carol Burnett could not stop laughing.

When Conway mentioned that the elephant and its trainer were in a love relationship, his story took an unexpected turn. He even cracked a joke about their shared burial after his death. The other performers were shaking and concealing their faces as they tried to compose themselves, unable to control their emotions. You can only imagine how widespread the cast’s and the studio audience’s laughter was. These kinds of incidents serve as a reminder of “The Carol Burnett Show’s” widespread appeal.

Let’s watch this amusing video below:

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