«Eminem’s daughter Hailie got secretly married this weekend:😍She was very cute in wedding dress!»❤(Emotional photos)

This past weekend, Eminem organized his wardrobe and wore a tuxedo because his daughter was married. The bride’s father was there to support his young daughter during the entire event.

Hailie Jade Scott, the rapper’s second-oldest child, wed Evan McClintock on Saturday in Battle Creek, Michigan. From what we’ve heard, the wedding was small and attended only by close friends and family. Papa Bear was, of course, also present. TMZ was able to get some amazing images of him enjoying Hailie’s special day, including a dance!

Since Em was there during Hailie’s wedding, it is evident that he approves of Evan becoming her husband. We also know that Em is proud of Hailie and her life path. He has a son-in-law now.

It seems somewhat surreal to consider that she has grown up and moved on to have her own family. Things truly do come full circle, and when Em sang about providing her everything she wanted, he meant what he said. Yes, this is Hailie’s song, but it’s called “Here Comes the Bride.”

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