😣«Doctors advised the woman with a special illness to not have children, but she refused their advice! 😲Just see what their three babies look like now from a short husband! »🤔

The discrimination that miniature actress Terra Joule encounters has been discussed.
“Why do you create children like yourselves?” a doctor once asked me.

Out of love, Terra married a guy who also had the illness, and the two of them have three kids. She describes with pride how their offspring, who inherited their parents’ characteristics, have developed.

Terra admits that having children with their illness frequently draws unwanted attention and glances of scorn onto her family.
Joule said, “But there are good people in the world.” “Let them be happy,” some say, while others wonder why, given the difficulties, they had so many kids.”Why subject children to such a life?” to “They deserve happiness” to “Wishing you health and well-being” are some of the comments left under their family photographs.

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