It’s over! 💔Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally divorced!🤧Who’s fault is it?This time the reason is Jennifer, but why?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez made a public appearance together for the first time in seven weeks amid rumors of trouble in their marriage.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez FINALLY reunite amid divorce rumors:  Embattled couple put on a frosty display as they're pictured at his child  Fin's school recital in LA - their first sighting

The couple, who remarried in July 2022 after reigniting their romance in 2021, attended a school event for Ben’s 15-year-old child, Fin Affleck. Despite arriving separately and not showing any overt affection, they presented a united front. Jennifer brought a bouquet of sunflowers for Fin, while Ben also brought flowers.

Ben Affleck looks 'exasperated' as he grimaces on day trip with Jennifer  Lopez amid divorce rumors - The Mirror US

According to an insider, their focus was on supporting their kids, with Jennifer attending with her daughter Emme, who is close to Fin. There appeared to be no tension between Jennifer and Ben’s son Samuel, as she affectionately walked with him. Jennifer wore a beige button-down and jeans, while Ben opted for a casual look with a flannel shirt and jeans.

Ben Affleck would never sacrifice 'career' over Jennifer Lopez 'drama'

Despite their enduring love, their differences and Jennifer’s focus on her career seemingly strained their marriage. According to a source, Ben supports Jennifer’s ambitions, but their public tributes to their relationship may have contributed to the strain.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are on 'two completely different pages' in  their marriage

The source suggests that while Jennifer remains a marketing and PR expert, the public’s interest in their relationship has waned, signaling a shift from the days of “Bennifer” fervor. This time the fault was her…

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