«With a 36-year Age Gap:😳 A Young Model Marries a 62-Year-Old Egyptian Millionaire and Has a Daughter!Do you believe in their love?»❤

Model Xenia Deli and 62-year-old Egyptian businessman Osama Fathy Rabah Al-Sharif were married at the age of 26, and they welcomed a daughter into their union.

Xenia, who has received negative feedback on social media, recently posted pictures of her 70-year-old spouse and their daughter. She seemed happy.

Would you think of marrying off your daughter to an older, wealthy guy to allow her to live a lavish, carefree life? Online opinions vary from acceptance to skepticism. “As if we were grandparents and granddaughters,”

“Just an elderly rich man,” “Cash talks,” “Challenged by such love,” “Long-term wealth through short-term gains,” and “Is integrity more important than wealth?”

Throughout it all, remarks range from encouraging to critical. “They appear content together.” “Meanings are not as powerful as actions.”

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