😍«The star of “Once Upon a Time in America” is now gray-haired woman, but how has she changed over 40 years? » 😳

It’s hard to believe that 40 years have passed since the debut of “Once Upon a Time in America,” when new pictures of Elizabeth McGovern from the film have appeared online.

The lead actress, who turned 62 this past weekend, has decided against having plastic surgery, cosmetic improvements, or even hair coloring in favor of accepting her natural aging.

Elizabeth shows off her fully gray hair in public images. Commenters compliment her elegant and refined demeanor, praising her dignified attitude toward aging.

“Sophisticated lady,” “There are no artificial enhancements here; she ages with such grace and elegance.” “This is the epitome of perfection.” “Elizabeth, you are so beautiful.” “Wow, really, really wow.” “What a lovely depiction of aging.” “I aspire to age with the same grace as Elizabeth,” commenters under the pictures said.

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