“Expectation vs. Reality”: 😟😳The girl had 43 cosmetic procedures to make her seem like a Barbie, but in the end, she turned out to be a “monster”!  

Introducing Dalia Naeem, a 29-year-old native of Baghdad who has set out on an incredible quest to become the popular Barbie persona.

Her fans, amazed by her metamorphosis, have dubbed her “Iraqi Barbie” due to her stunning look and blonde hair.

Presenter and actress Dalia, who lives in Iraq, is said to have had 43 cosmetic operations done in an attempt to mimic the famous appearance of Barbie. Her fan base on Instagram, where she frequently posts updates on her changing appearance, has grown to nearly 990,000.

Some people are amazed by her transformation, while others are skeptical and critical. Dalia doesn’t back down in the face of critics who call her a “zombie,” and she thanks those who help her achieve her desired look.

Her operations, which range from breast augmentation surgery to lip fillers, each help her get closer to her ideal of Barbie-like beauty.

Even though Australia has banned more procedures, Dalia isn’t giving up and is actively looking for reliable foreign clinics to carry on with her makeover.

Dalia is met with both support and criticism as she works to realize her ambition, but she never lets other people’s thoughts stop her from pursuing her own happiness.



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