«A very beautiful and attractive woman but so muscular that it seems like she is a man!»😳

Vladislava Galagan, dubbed the “Shredded Kendall Jenner,” has gained a lot of notoriety on the internet for her strong body, which defies gender norms. With her fearless combination of gorgeous clothing and her formidable figure, the female bodybuilder has almost 2 million social media followers.

 “A Muscular Bodybuilder Body And A Cute Cocktail Dress”: A Female Bodybuilder Shockes Everyone With Her “Barbie” Looks!

When the 28-year-old began her fitness adventure in 2012, she moved from the gym to bodybuilding competitions and fitness modeling as her figure got more defined. She was astonished to read remarks comparing her to a more muscular Kendall Jenner, even if she admits there are some similarities, despite her notoriety.

Galagan’s body continues to draw criticism despite her achievements, with some doubting the realness of her muscles.

She isn’t deterred, though, and keeps demonstrating her fortitude and will. Some choose cosmetic surgery, but Galagan enjoys the gym to get in perfect shape.

This piece examines their life-changing experiences and the astounding outcomes.

What do you think about her shapes?

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