😃A Kentucky father who “walks children on leashes like dogs” came under fire while strolling his quintuplets!😮

Taking care of many children makes parenting an even harder task than working a full-time job. As parents of five beautiful children (Zoey, Dakota, Hollyn, Asher, and Gavin), Jordan and Briana Driskell are all too familiar with this reality. It takes innovative parenting techniques and a full-time commitment to raise quintuplets.

Going on trips with all five of the children was thrilling and intimidating for the Driskells. They started with a stroller that could fit six people, but eventually, they moved to leashes to make sure their kids were secure when they were out and about.

According to Jordan, the leash gave the family peace of mind so they could enjoy activities together stress-free.

Jordan, however, caused controversy online when he posted a video of their visit to the aquarium with the leashed children.

While some applauded the couple for their dedication to child safety, others chastised their parenting style and offered substitutes for how they should have handled the kids.

The Driskells maintained their focus on their kids’ welfare in the face of criticism, giving safety and common sense the upper hand in their parenting style.

Every parent is aware that what works for one family cannot work for another, so in the end, parents have to act in their children’s best interests.


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