👏«After a mother and daughter defeated cancer, they got tattoos to commemorate their victory!»👏

Veronica Quintanilla and her daughter Victoria Vargas took comfort in one another when facing cancer. Victoria shaved her head in solidarity with Veronica when she lost her first round of breast cancer. Together, they had medical visits, and as a result, they received identical tattoos on their bald scalps as a sincere tribute.

These tattoos, adorned with dainty pink bows, have deep significance. For Veronica, they represent her determination to never have to deal with cancer-related baldness ever again—a feeling she intends to keep hidden until her hair regrows. The mother-daughter pair discovers a sign of their love and strength in their shared secret.
Veronica went for the bigger “mama bow” at their El Paso, Texas, house, while Victoria went for the smaller “baby bow.”

They clarified that these tattoos stand for Veronica’s two cancer struggles as well as their strong relationship. They represent resiliency and the ability of optimism to triumph over adversity, according to Victoria.

Even though they are concealed from view, these tattoos reveal so much about their journey together—Victoria’s steadfast support and Veronica’s delight in her daughter’s resilience. What a heartwarming example of love and tenacity! See our collection of inspirational tattoo stories for more touching narratives.

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